Bright, New Solutions in Recruiting

Our Flexible and Cost Effective Services

Interim Recruiting Support

When you have short term recruiting needs and don't want to hire another employee or retain a full service search firm, we have your solution.  Our top level recruiters are ready to meet your unique recruiting needs, when you need them. Our recruiting team is experienced, well trained in the Candela Consulting method and efficient. This on-demand option fits today's tight recruiting budgets and need for flexibility.

Recruiting Blast

For searches that require a fast start or those that are struggling, a Candela Consulting "Recruiting Blast" may be the solution.  We will dedicate a highly intensive, short term recruiting effort to help you generate candidates. 

Recruiting Assessment

A complete assessment of your recruiting function is conducted through interviews with staff along with a statistical review aligned against industry recruiting standards.  Realistic recommendations are presented and discussed and an action plan is created. 

Recruiting Process Design

Upon completion of a recruiting assessment we can design a process that will be a unique blend of the skills and expertise of your team with recruiting best practices.  A prioritized approach that builds on each step will assure your success. 

 Recruiter Hiring

With a network of industry contacts and over 15 years experience in hiring the best recruiters, Candela Consulting can bring great value to your effort to find effective recruiters.   We offer full search, research, referencing and third party assessments in this area. 

Recruiter Training

Candela Consulting offers training for new recruiting staff hires, recruiting veterans and hiring managers.  Our methodology supports the unique strengths of each individual and creates enthusiasm for the process. 

Meeting Facilitation for Recruiting Teams

Candela Consulting can facilitate your next strategic planning meeting for your recruiting team.  Utilizing the  Appreciative Inquiry method, Candela Consulting will build clarity, commitment and enthusiasm around your recruiting process. 


Candela Consulting offers an extensive list of current recruiting topics for presentation at your next meeting.  

Recruiter Mentoring

Candela Consulting provides as needed mentoring for hiring managers, recruiters and executives.  This service allows for individuals that you designate within your organization, an on-demand option to contact Candela Consulting with questions regarding recruiting.  Topics can range from interview technique and structuring interview questions to retention methods. 


Before you start a search it pays to know the market.  You need to know how your position compares.  How much are your competitors paying?  What benefits are standard?  Are bonuses common?

Search Preparation and Kick-off

Whether there is a key search in your future or you are concerned about your recruiting team's ability to launch a search, the Candela Consulting method for search preparation will set everyone up for success.  We create clarity, commitment and enthusiasm in the team before the search ever starts.  Our goal is to help you not only find the right candidates but to win over the best ones.  Tight, focused, engaged teams can achieve that, unprepared, uncommitted ones can't. 


Without a vested interest in the outcome, our references provide a neutral evaluation of your prospective employee's past work performance.  Whether we do all the references or part of them, our third party evaluation can prove to be invaluable in a market where hiring mistakes can be expensive. 

ATS selection

Choosing a new Applicant Tracking System internally can be a time consuming and draining process.  As a neutral third party, Candela Consulting will assess your needs, research the market and narrow down your choices.  You can be as involved in the process as you want to be.  One of our ATS Selection consultants was an original developer of one of the leading ATS systems on the market and has 12 years experience as a corporate recruiter.  Our other consultant has been on three internal ATS selection teams and has 17 years experience in executive search firms.