Bright, New Solutions in Recruiting

Melissa McCartie, President/Owner

Melissa McCartie has over 17 years experience in search.  She spent 11 years at Cejka Search, a leading healthcare search firm.  Starting in physician search, she later joined the Executive Recruiting team.  Due to her interest and expertise in process and planning, Melissa was chosen for many committees such as reenginnering, compensation, database and even the "fun" committee.  Melissa was often called upon to give training presentations at staff meetings. She was also a frequent representative of Cejka Search and presenter at conferences. 

After Cejka, Melissa broadened her experience with Grant Cooper, an executive search firm specializing in corporate, nonprofit and healthcare search.  At Grant Cooper, Melissa was introduced to Appreciate Inquiry ("AI") by a candidate.  AI is a positive methodology for business consulting, primarily used in strategic planning and collaboration (see "About Us"). 

In 2004, Melissa chose to lend her skills to Annie's Hope, a bereavement center for children.  She became the Director of Development for almost two years, helping Annie's Hope to grow as an organization, gain awareness in the community and dramatically increase their budget.  Melissa had been the founding Board Chair of this organization in 1998 and continued to serve as the Chair until she took the position of Development Director. 

In 2006, Melissa returned to search and briefly managed search clients independently before joining the Koppen Group.  The Koppen Group recruited Melissa to help grow the business and lead their recruiting team.  As the VP of Recruiting, Melissa hired, trained and managed the recruiting staff.  She also managed her own client base which included healthcare consulting, academic and corporate clients.  Implementing and training the recruiters on a new database was a significant project.  Along with the President/Owner and COO, Melissa took part in all strategic planning and business development. 

Prior to her career in search, Melissa worked on large national advertising accounts for DMB&B.  She has a BS in Journalism. 

While at Koppen Group, Melissa discovered the difficulty of finding experienced, high quality recruiting support that was truly flexible.  in 2009 Melissa launched Candela Consulting to meet this need.

Kate Colton - Recruiting Consultant

Kate's backround in counseling gives her a unique ability to assess candidates and quickly build rapport.  She is a poised, persuasive communicator who enjoys building relationships. 

Kate has a BS and a MSW from St. Louis University.  She interned at Washington University and worked at St. Louis Academy before starting a long volunteer career. 

Kate served on the Board and Chaired the Seminar Program as well as other events for Kids in the Middle.  She spearheaded new committees and chaired events for the College School and Eden Lab. 

Kate completed six weeks of training with Candela Consulting in 2010 and quickly proved her natural talent for recruiting.  Her recent experience includes a successful four month assignment recruiting in a highly competitive and difficult market. 

Jodi Kaplan - Recruiting Consultant

Jodi began her career in search almost 15 years ago with one of the leading healthcare physician and executive search firms.  Prior to joining Candela Consulting she was a consultant with a search firm specializing in healthcare, corporate, academic and nonprofit search. 

Jodi has extensive knowledge in utilizing web based technology to identify and connect with potential candidates efficiently.  Her combination of experience and superb organizational and communication skills quickly bring value to Candela Consulting clients. 

Jodi has also been a media planner for a global advertising agency and has chaired numerous high profile nonprofit fundraising events in the St. Louis area. 

She has a BS in Organizational Communication from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Other Bios coming soon......